Learn helpful tips on how to maximize the use of commercial electric power washers to clean various surfaces and produce the best results.

Cleaning is an inescapable everyday activity. Whether it’s for your car, your garage, your air-conditioning unit, or even parts of your house, cleaning tools are a must for any handyman homeowner. For heavy duty cleaning applications, the use of a commercial electric power washer is a must.

Such heavy-duty applications that the washer can face include window washing, drain cleaning, pool washing, duct and gutter cleaning, driveway washing, and other similar outdoor situations. However, to get the most out of the washer, one must use it carefully and properly. The following are tips to maximize the effectiveness of the use of your commercial electric power washer.

How To Use a Commercial Electric Power Washer?

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Tip #1: Use Water at the Right Temperature

Warmer water can easily dislodge dirt and other stubborn stains. For colder climates, two washing episodes must be done to ensure better penetration. It is recommended as well to do washing at daylight not only because of natural light but also because the water supply is probably warmer.

Tip #2: Preparation is Key 

Before proceeding to wash the object that you plan to clean, inspect the object first. Power washers can spray a large amount of water in a short period of time. If the equipment will be washed, ensure that the washing will not damage it and that there are no leaks nor open spaces or holes where water could enter and contaminate or damage the equipment. Also, check the equipment for any parts that could be violently dislodged and disconnected by the power washing process. One must also determine the sensitivity or chemical restrictions of the equipment to be used. If soap or chemical cleaning agents will be used in the power washing process, ensure that the equipment will be rinsed well with the adequate amount of water. It is also recommended to check the adequacy of the water supply to make sure that the cleaning process will be smooth. 

Tip # 3: Ensure Correct Pressure 

Power washing is done by applying a high-pressure jet of water onto target areas. To get the highest effectiveness, the pressure settings must fit the target. The use of commercial electric power washers can supply a steady and reliable stream of pressurized water. 

  • Suppliers of electric pressure washers usually advertise a pressure of 1300 to 1700 pounds per square inch (psi) and a water flow of 1.5 gallons per minute (GPM). 
  • Many commercial electric power washers have a minimum pressure of 2000 to 3000 psi and a water flow rate of 5 GPM. 

Tip #4: Use Accessories

The use of accessories could help smoothen the entire washing process. Special nozzles with custom-built angles can be used to reach enclosed spaces or spots. Flow control valves can also help you regulate the flow depending on the need. Pressure control valves do the same, this time regulating pressure in the event that a relatively more delicate surface will be cleaned. As with general cleaning activities, use good quality soap or cleaning foam solutions for best results. For proper sourcing of accessories, it is recommended to consult an expert.

Tip #5: Use Proper Power Wash Methods

The use of good maneuvers during power washing is necessary to adequately clean target surfaces. Methods include a pre-rinse wash, a soap-infused wash, and a double rinsing method to effectively remove all dirt and stains. 

While all these tips are for general applications, it is up to the end-user to adapt these tips depending on the particular application of the power washing process. Always remember to follow the power washer’s instruction manual in order to make the cleaning process easy, safe, and effective.