This article will provide some important details on what you need to understand before getting yourself a portable electric power washer for your home.

There are a lot of portable electric power washers in the market nowadays. Some were even as lightweight as an empty trolley bag that you can almost use anywhere. However, it is best to understand first how these portable power washers perform and when they perform best. Here are some tips you must consider before buying your own portable electric power washer.

Portable Electric Power Washer: Price and Size

Contrary to popular belief that all power washers clean every surface, it is best to understand where you will be using your portable power washer. Each model you see in the market offers various power washing levels, portability, and electric consumption levels. Two of the most important factors are size and price.

Though they may not come together, power washers with bigger and sturdier builds hold more efficiency in cleaning compared to smaller ones. The chassis material used can also affect the weight of the washer and its portability. Most lightweight power washers were made of plastic or polycarbonate materials which are not durable at all. Aluminum and metal-framed power washers can last longer but are heavier to handle. Knowing a washer’s size would allow you to know what surfaces or objects you can clean with it. 

The price is also an indicator of the portability and efficiency of your power washer. Expensive electric power washers tend to hold more pressure levels and energy efficiency features compared to cheaper ones and are known to have sturdier builds and easier pressure management features. Although a cheaper portable electric power washer is still effective when it comes to cleaning, this is not best used for heavy cleaning tasks. 

Knowing what surfaces you will use your power washer for will indicate the type of power washer you should buy
Knowing what surfaces you will use your power washer for will indicate the type of power washer you should buy.

How To Choose a Portable Electric Power Washer?

Technically, it is advantageous to have your portable electric power washer. However, not all portable power washers perform at best. If you are planning a wide-scale cleaning in your property, you should consider large motor-powered power washers with more nozzle control and pressure power.

Although portability should not be the only factor that you should look at when buying a power washer, this feature will be beneficial for your cleaning tasks as it will significantly add convenience.

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Where to Buy a Portable Electric Power Washer?

Now, the major issue everyone has been talking about on web forums about power washers is where to buy these products. The truth is that whether you buy a portable electric power washer online or in a physical store, it will not bring much of a difference in terms of the quality and build. However, the consumer services you can get from buying online and from a hardware store should make you rethink on where you’ll get your power washer. There is a better chance for you to know first or get the feel of the power washer when you buy it from the shop, so there would be little chances of you experiencing the hassles of return and exchange because you have seen and examined the product pretty well before buying it.

However, buying a power washer online is no total disadvantage either. Especially when living in rural areas or where there is no availability of power washers for sale in the local hardware store, you can consider buying one online. However, make sure to examine it after paying your order online. Should there be any factory defect, you will most likely be placed in the long queue of those who want to process a return, exchange, or refund of the power washer you’ve bought.


Before buying a power washer, it is best to first know your purpose of using it. Consider buying a package power washer, which includes extra nozzles and more power controls. This will give you better leverage in choosing your power washer and will ensure that you have no problems in using your portable electric power washer along the way.